Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Who is Causing this Havoc

On a trip to a near by little town for brunch my friends and I stopped by the lake to take photos.

We noticed a couple trying to get a large dog into the back of a pickup truck.  They would open the back door of the truck bed, guide the dog in and close the door.  Moments later the dog would jump right back out onto the street and into traffic.  His tail would wag and he would do a couple of happy circles as if laughing at the couple, before taking off towards the nearest bushes.  We watched, giggling, as this happened a couple of times more before the dog ran away further into the bushes.

I wondered if this was how everyday in this household was like.  It looked like a lot of work.

The couple have obviously had enough and simply walked away.  We quickly understood that this was not their dog.  They must have seen him leaping into traffic and tried to put him back into the truck without much luck.

Animal lovers that we are, we stood watching.  The dog can be seen in the far distance squatting in the bush, doing his doggy business.  He was there for a very long time and we waited.  Once he was done, he galloped back towards his truck.  The back door was closed.  He could not make the jump back in.  He started to panic a bit and backed into traffic.  Here my partner was quick to react.  He ran towards the truck and opened the door to the bed.  A whistle got the dog's attention who happily jump back where he belonged. 

Turns out that this dog was not misbehaving after all!  He just didn't want to soil his human's truck.  He even knew to do his business out of reach of everyone.
It was us who misunderstood.

Petting the dog's head "goodbye" I noticed the name of his collar.


Monday, 15 September 2014

Getting Away from FEAR by Breaking Through LIMITS

My last post was about finding Courage.  Those few months that it took me to acquainted myself with Courage taught me a lot about Fear, Self-Set Limits and reaching Love, Peace, Joy.

My Guides told me this story:

Before diving into water one might make sure that the water is deep enough and no obstacles are hiding just below the surface.  When the jump into the water is made there is trust that the water will catch and then spit you back out to the surface, to fresh air.

Sometimes we jump from higher ground than anticipated.  We sink deeper than intended.  We realize that our breath may not be enough to last us.  We start swimming faster up towards the light, the surface.  The closer we get to the surface the more our lung hurt, craving air.  Our lungs start to feel more and more uncomfortable as we reach closer to the top, but this doesn't make us reconsider.

We don't say, "Wait a minute.  Let me try swimming away from the light and see if that makes my lungs feel any better."

We know naturally what to do.  With the help of the water pushing us up we strive towards the surface.  The first gulp of air feel sweet and victorious.

So why do we give up so easily when it comes to our Fears?

Often we are drowning in our Fears.  Sometimes the closer we get to penetrating our Limiting Beliefs and shedding our Fears for good, the more we resist and try to swim towards the bottom instead.  We swim deeper into the Fear.

You will know you are coming close to swimming out of Fear when it becomes almost impossible to hold on!  Commit and strive to get out of it.  Let the Universe support your ascend into the sunshine of Love, Joy and Peace.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Talking with the Full Moon and Finding Courage.

The story towards Courage started on a grand swing bridge in the middle of New Zealand rainforest on February 15, 2014.  I was sitting bundled up in the middle of the bridge, on a bizarrely still night.  A tea candle was holding space with me.  Above hung a beautiful, Leo full moon shinning down on the forest.

Leo is my zodiac sign, and hearing of this full moon I ventured out into the forest to ask for guidance and see what happens.  My life was about to undertake yet another major change and I wanted to make sure that this was right, that all will be ok.

I prayed to the Moon, the Universe, my guides.  I sat in silence, watching the moon and the dark around it.  I laid down waiting for the answer.
And it came!  Out of nowhere  it actually came!

All of a sudden a voice in my head said, 

"If you were a character in the Wizard of Oz, you would be the Lion."   


Immediately, I found that funny.  Of course I would be a lion.  I am a Leo after all.  And here I was sitting under the Leo Full Moon.  Then it hit me.  The Lion in the Wizard of Oz went on that journey to find Courage.
Is this what you are trying to tell me Moon?

Am on a journey to find Courage?

The answer came as a clear, "YES".  There was a timeline.  I will need to find my Courage in 3 months, starting in March, ending in June 2014.

Now I was getting nervous.  In order to to find Courage, won't I need to experience Fear?  This didn't sound like everything was going to be all right.  This sounded more like everything is going to be terrifying.  Yet, the magic and beauty of that night gave me so much support and confidnce that I found myself yelling into the darkness,

"Bring it on!"

So it began.  In March, I arrived back in Canada with a bit of savings and a strong desire to live in a town I have only previously vacationed in.  I followed what felt to be all the cues.  Yet, money was becoming scarce, permanent accommodation hard to find and work looked almost impossible.  My partner and I lived unknowing of what was going to happen from day to day.  We feared about having nowhere to go soon and nothing to eat.  The only hope that kept me going was that the Universe had a great lesson to teach me and that this experience was coming to an end in June.

The Universe delivered!!!

Every time we were completely stuck, somehow a lifeline would appear to make us go on for another few days.  After a while we had to give up on worrying, because this attitude was not helping at all.  We summoned our Courage.  We kept following the signs, praying and waiting for the little miracles to appear and get us through to the next day.

By the end of May 2014, we found a great place to live and I got a job!  We started June in our new suite with a pay cheque.  It was another miracle!

These 3 months tore everything I thought about myself to pieces.  They changed me to be a more understanding and loving person.  They humbled me and taught me how to look at the world around me with fresh eyes.  They taught me how to be brave.

This is when I found my Courage.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Super Power of an Empath

My Super Power

Which super power did you want to have as a kid?

Which super power would you want to have today?

Flying?  Xray Vision?  Shooting lasers out of your eyeballs?

As a little kid, the power I most often dreamed of was the ability for my conscious to step into someone else.  I wanted to be able to experience the world completely from another person's perspective; their thoughts, their feelings, their wishes...... everything.

Whenever I would find someone who was interesting to me I would put my energy into them.  I would concentrate on their movements and imagine what it must be like for them at that moment in time.  This was such a fun hobby that this game continued on as I grew.  I played so often that eventually it just turned into an invisible pattern that ran automatically behind the scenes for almost every single person that came into my life.

My ability to pick up other people's energy enable me to successfully stay away from those who could potentially hurt me.  In high school and college, I was able to avoid boy trouble, bad bosses and nasty teachers.  Friends would ask me how I knew, but to me it was natural and I wonder how they didn't know.

My ability to quickly pick up on other people's feelings would result in others trusting me with their secrets and their challenges. Often my suggestions would be helpful to those who entrusted me with their personal stories, but always I was the one to help other be heard.

Today I know that my guide to how I associated with people was the first impression of their energy field.  However, growing up I had absolutely no idea of this.  At parties, I would slip in unnoticed, observe people around me, see where the "safe" people are and move towards them.  If someone who was having a bad day would come in contact with me, I would get very uncomfortable, put up a wall and put them on my 'no good' list immediately.  My super power was not 100% accurate, and I did not understand that back then.

This February, brought with it the gift of understanding.  For no particular reason, I got super sensitive to everyone!  Every time I would get into a certain range of a person, their feelings would jump over to me and I felt taken over by their emotions.  Going grocery shopping was an adventure on its own with so many people in the vegetable isle.  It was like being in the middle of a sic fi movie.

My emotions were all over the map, depending who's presence I was graced with.  It was exhausting and exhilarating.  To be truly honest, this did made me question my sanity a bit. 

Luckily during that time, I was working in a serene setting with not too many people around me most of the time.  My coworkers were my unknowing guinea pigs.  To them I am grateful!!  Sometimes I would feel so guilty for spying on their private emotions that I could not bring myself to look at them.  However, after grounding, blocking, praying and grounding some more I could not change what was happening and had to ride it out.

Today my emotions are back to "normal" levels.  Out of that experience the realization that the super power that I wanted as a kid did become reality for me to a certain degree.  For the most part now, I have a choice whether or not I want to step into somebody's energy field.  This gives me time to ask permission and get to know a person the way they want to be know.

I am so thankful for this fun super power and am learning more about what being an Empath might hold for me in the future.